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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays an important role in the long-term economic development of a country not only as a source of capital but also for enhancing competitiveness of the domestic economy through transfer of technology, strengthening infrastructure, raising productivity and generating new employment opportunities. FDI also has an important role in enhancing exports.

We are especially looking for large FDI inflows in the development of infrastructure, technological upgradation of Indian industry through ‘greenfield’ investments in manufacturing, and in projects having the potential for creating employment opportunities on a large scale. We also invite investments in setting up special economic zones and establishing manufacturing units therein.

Greenfield investments are the primary target of a host nation’s promotional efforts because they create new production capacity and jobs, transfer technology and know-how, and can lead to linkages to the global marketplace.

ADMCL is also in the mergers and acquisitions. Transfers of existing assets from local firms to foreign firms takes place, the primary type of FDI. Cross-border mergers occur when the assets and operation of firms from different countries are combined to establish a new legal entity. Cross-border acquisitions occur when the control of assets and operations is transferred from a local to a foreign company, with the local company becoming an affiliate of the foreign company.