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Government Tendering Process

A government department or statutory authority is a pivotal party and it will grant the sponsor the “concession” that is the right to build, own and operate the facility, grant a long term lease or sell the site to the sponsor, and often acquire most or all of the service provided by the facility.

The government’s co-operation is critical in large projects. It may be required to assist in obtaining the necessary approvals, authorizations and consents for the construction and operation of the project. It may also be required to provide comfort that the agency acquiring services from the facility will be in a position to honour its financial obligations.

In many cases competition can be used to select the private investor by soliciting competitive bids in terms of the license fee offered during the concession period or in terms of a revenue-sharing arrangement.

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the ability to respond quickly and accurately to Requests for Quotes can give you the added edge you need to win contracts. Tendering Process management (TPM) lets you process, manage and document customer RFQ’s and develop consistently precise bids for materials and/or service contracts.

In case of competitive bidding approach, relevant technical and production characteristics of the project is specified in advance, and qualified bidders are asked to bid in terms of the lowest tariff at which they would be willing to undertake the project.

We, at ADMCL provide full specification of the minimum technical requirements of the projects, which calls for considerable advance work before tendering are solicited.