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Modernisation of PHCs & Govt. Hospitals

Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and government run hospitals are aimed at strengthening the rural public health system and for the low income groups in urban areas.

The first level of contact of the community with the health system is the healthcare provided at the primary level through PHCs. The government implements its various healthcare programmes through government run hospitals intended for providing better healthcare system to the people.

ADMCL partners with the mission to provide effective health care to the rural populace with special focus on areas where weak public health indicators and weak infrastructure are prevailing. ADMCL emphasizes on the development and maintenance of standards of service in hospitals and health care facilities.

Our services are in line with the changing protocols of the governmental programmes envisaged to improve the quality of health care delivery in the country and development of health care infrastructure.

ADMCL stresses on continuous improvement in quality. It facilitates affordable, accessible, high quality essential health care with special focus on the poor, mother child and elderly, and those living in underserved areas.

Ultimately our best efforts is to achieve high quality of health care across the country, and to achieve the target of World Health Organisation, ‘Health For All’.