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Rural Development

Project Description :

ADMCL initiatives for rural development refers to providing loan and grant financing package for rural infrastructure as well as small business and livelihood projects for farmers and fisher folk. The overall impact of the initiative is raising rural incomes and reduction of poverty.

The funding for infrastructure projects, a major part of this activity, includes farm-to-market roads, bridges, communal irrigation, potable water systems, post-harvest facilities, production facilities, fish landings, fish sanctuaries, storage facilities, trading posts, green houses, solar driers, and slope stabilization works. Latest technology is being used for monitoring agri-fishery infrastructure projects, which will provide online updates on the progress of funded projects.

Our projects will directly benefit millions farmers and fisher folk, almost half of whom are women, and encourage them to increase and diversify production and to engage in value-adding activities.

In the past, the services of ADMCL has benefited small-scale and poor producers through the provision of technical assistance, training, market linkages, and financial assistance. ADMCL also encourages investments in rural infrastructure, helping producers, traders and the rural population with better transport infrastructure, reduced travel time and improved access to markets.

In our region a large number of people are still living in the rural areas and our aim is successful developmental projects which will boost the country’s efforts to achieve growth that creates jobs and eradicating poverty.