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Our company is currently authorized to carryout construction and completion of 30 hydro power plants in Arunachal Pradesh under the guidance of govt of Arunachal Pradesh.

LocationInstalled Capacity
Tawang6 MW
Upper Subansiri4 MW
West Siang6 MW
Upper Siang4.50 MW
Anjaw District16 MW

India is the world’s fifth largest electricity generator and has an installed capacity of 254.649 GW as of September 2014. Captive power plants have an additional 39.375 GW capacity. Non renewable power plants constitute 87.55% of the installed capacity, and renewable power plants constitute the remaining 12.45% of total installed Capacity.

India generated around 967 TWh (967,150.32 GWh) of electricity (excluding electricity generated from renewable and captive power plants) during the 2013–14 fiscal. The total annual generation of electricity from all types of sources was 1102.9 (TWh) in 2013.

As of March 2013, the per capita total electricity consumption in India was 917.2 kWh. Electric energy consumption in agriculture is highest (18%) in India. India’s energy demand has been growing rapidly in the recent past, boosted by industrial growth as well as a rise in household consumption. The per capita electricity consumption is lower compared to many countries despite cheaper electricity tariff in India.

India derives most of its electricity from fossil fuels, primarily from coal and also derives considerable amount of electricity from hydro power sources.

To meet this huge deficit, additional generation capacities along with associated transmission and distribution infrastructure are being set up in India. According to the Ministry of Power, the sector has the scope for investment worth USD 300 billion.