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Asian Development & Management Corporation Limited

Asian Development & Management Corporation Ltd is a company which primarily focuses on Rural and Slum Development for the South East Asian Countries under Upliftment & Development Program Fund(UDPF).
From concept to execution, ADMCL houses the expertise to provide the complete array of services necessary for successful project completion – visioning, documentation, development, finance, management, technology, and implementation.

Organizationally, the ADMCL has evolved along routes perfectly configured to business requirements. The ADMCL today employs over 230 dedicated and high-potential volunteered personnel. Following the rationale of domiciling similar clusters of skills together to derive maximum efficiencies, the ADMCL today comprises a range of highly specialized and innovative companies.

The organization has developed a pool of institutionalized resources and functional expertise in various areas such as cluster development, environment, education, technology, facility management, project finance, investment banking, private equity, depository, custodian, and “Professional clearing services and project implementation.”

ADMCL has a distinct directive – a vision for catalyzing the development of infrastructure in the South East Asian Countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam). Strong core skills – key to successful project development and project financing across sectors have made ADMCL one of South East Asian’s leading infrastructure development and finance companies.

A major area of concern for sustaining the real gross domestic product growth in India has been lack of adequate infrastructure, which can support the growth process. The deplorably low levels of public investment have rendered India’s physical infrastructure incompatible with large increases in the national product and clearly, without improving the rate of infrastructure investment, the overall growth rate at best would remain modest. Distinct from other large emerging market economies which are typically demand constrained, India has been and will remain in the foreseeable future, a supply constrained economy. The biggest supply constraint is of infrastructure – physical, social and urban. The global competitiveness report 2014-15 has stated that India ranks an outstanding 71st in infrastructure. In view of criticality of the issue of infrastructure availability, the Government of India has taken effective measures. Infrastructure financing in India has critical dimensions and contributes to increased investment and productivity, which is vital for an economy like India in order to sustain the uptrend in the cycle of growth.